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Configuring and managing easiBeacons is super-simple and all the features are documented to obtain the full potential for your proximity-based applications. No proprietary protocols, no proprietary API, they can work standalone or integrated with any cloud-based content management system.


Management & Configuration Apps

easiBeacon version 3 Management App for iOS (iBeacon + Eddystone support)


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Tested for iOS 9, iOS 8 and iOS 7.

Please, check the default configuration, including the UUID in the corresponding Configuration Guide for your model. Do not forget to activate Settings > Privacy > Location Services on your system.

easiBeacon version 2 Management App for iOS (previous version)


easiBeacon version 3 Management App for Android (iBeacon + Eddystone support)


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Bluetooth 4.0 compatible Android phone is required (minimum Android version 4.3)

easiBeacon version 2 Management App for Android (previous version)


Platform and Demo Apps

EasyContext Platform

EasyContext Cloud platform

EasyContext is a flexible and powerful content management system that facilitates the creation of offers, coupons, contents and much more (analytics, zone creation, open API).

Sign up here to use EasyContext for free.

Your iBeacon Shop App for Android

iBeacon Shop

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Design and create demos of your own iBeacon-based shopping app in 5 minutes. In the case you don't have any beacons you can activate "iBeacon simulation mode" to get a similar experience.

This app is integrated with easiBeacon Cloud, you can design your own solution demo up and running in 10 minutes.

iOS SDK apple

The official iOS 7 Core Location Framework can be used as easiBeacon tags comply with the iBeacon standard by Apple.

There are plenty of examples, tutorials and source code on the Internet about these libraries (e.g. Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2, Tutorial 3)

Android SDK android

Google does not provide any official iBeacon API for Android (yet). However, any Android iBeacon library that complies with the iBeacon standard can be used.

easiBeacon API

We have developed our own super-easy to use iBeacon library (detects iBeacons from many manufacturers, not just ours), available for download on GitHub: easiBeacon Basic iBeacon Android Library. You can also use the AltBeacon library with our beacons.

easiBeacon Demo 1

Basic use of our library for discovering iBeacons around. Just few lines of code!

easiBeacon Demo 1 example screenshot

easiBeacon Shop Example

Prototype of an final "offers app" with iBeacon support.

easiBeacon Shop example screenshot easiBeacon Shop example screenshot